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So, why should you watch this video? Two very good reasons.

The first is pretty simple and one of my favorite little tricks: using throwing concepts on the ground. In this particular case, our Judo competitor is using uchi mata throwing principals to reverse Maia’s progress up his side in the half guard. One of the reasons I love this cross-application is that it helps protect your back. If you’re playing with someone that likes to cut corners and jump to your back, you can stop his attack (and often reverse him into a bad position) with the equivalent of a kneeling throw. I find that ippon seoinage, makikomi, and sumi otoshi to be the most applicable.

The second is our judoka’s use of turning/pinning combinations to keep his top control. You’ll notice he uses a quarter nelson with his whizzer to maintain and improve his position (again half guard). I point this out because I encounter guys who completely neglect any turn over attacks against the turtle - they reason that they’ll take the back and choke, so why worry about a turnover. The answer is that the turn is just another for of control, and the concepts can be applied to other situations to help you maintain control and improve position.

There it is, watch the video.

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Merry Christmas and God Bless us every one.

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That WTF sure is a BFG.

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Very interesting concept. Not sure how much I like it, but for the price it’s probably worth a test-drive. Plus I could use a pocket Bible.

Really good advise. Pay closest attention at those transitions.


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